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Whether it’s commercial or private real estate, when deciding to invest in real estate, you can count on professional advice and knowledge from our team of experts in law and finance.

Our experience ranges from retail to commercial properties to major property developments and its financing. We have dealt with both local and international investors, private individuals and public real estate companies.

Our regional expertise lies in China, ASEAN and Europe.

Together with our licensed partners, we can coordinate the whole process of acquisition and disposal of real estate objects:

  • Real estate object and seller (or buyer) due diligence;
  • Valuation by a certified valuation consultant;
  • Real estate financing documents negotiation;
  • Real estate purchase and sale documents negotiation;
  • Registration and completing of other statutory duties to ensure registration of the transfer of ownership; and
  • Chaperone during your visit of the country for the purpose of finding a real estate and/or to meets with the financiers and the real estate agents.

Did you know?

Purchase of real estate from only UR250,000 in Latvia provides you with access to the whole Schengen Zone of Europe.

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