International Schools in Singapore and the UK

Education of children is an integral part of planning the future of the family. International schools in Singapore and top boarding schools in the UK are well position to nurture in children desire to acquire the skills and the knowledge, as well as develop strong relationships within a diverse environment at the early stage of their lives and prepare themselves for a successful adulthood.

Schools and Universities in Singapore and the UK are well known for their high standards of education and ability to regularly produce future leaders. PISA, the latest independent education assessment done by the OECD, shows that students in UK schools perform significantly better than the OECD average. Students from Singapore are in the top 3 of the world. This is explained not only by the curriculum but also the environment – the support systems – created to develop social skills, mental health and good life skills such as social confidence, resilience and adaptability.

Частная школа Marlborough

Our education partners have over 15 years of experience placing children to boarding schools in the UK and in Singapore, and together with many happy clients have gone all the way to prepare them for the future: from first grade to obtaining higher education degrees.

Based on the abilities, talents, interests, character, plans for the future, as well as the wishes of the parents, we select the most suitable schools to accommodate children.

We will help chooing the school in which the child will be most comfortable but also challenged and engaged. Our team will also help to get used to the new place of living, cope with cultural and language barriers, and realize their talents.

Each child is assigned a professional guardian who not only monitors the child’s academic success, but also serves as a mentor outside of school life.

Taking into account individual interests and wishes, the child will receive the attention of several specialists: tutors, career coaches, and sports coaches.

For those parents who plan to stay in the country on a permanent basis or frequently visit, we will help finding a suitable housing, obtain the necessary visas and organize life on arrival.

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