• Business Setup

    Business Setup

Business Setup

Our team of seasoned lawyers, accountants and private banking professionals is well positioned to deliver practical and economically sensible solutions for your business.

In addition to the Legal and Tax Services, our network of professionals can help with the following matters of business setup:

  • Optimal corporate structure consultation;
  • Company registration;
  • Corporate bank account opening;
  • Company director search and appointment;
  • Company secretary search and appointment;
  • Accounting and tax outsourcing;
  • Relevant Visa and Permit application for yourselves and your staff; and
  • Concierge services for your first days on the ground.

Business Registration in Singapore

Whilst our team is assisting with company registration and setup in a number of countries, one of the most popular destination among our clients is Singapore. Our clients choose to move their business operations to Singapore in several instances:
  • Seeking to expand their business in Asia with headquarters in a jurisdiction with friendly business environment;
  • Seeking to move themselves and their families to a safe environment with top quality infrastructure and education;
  • Seeking to benefit from a Financial Hun position of Singapore and reduce their global tax obligations.
  • Why Singapore is attractive in the above-mentioned cases?

    • According to a World Bank ranking, Singapore is No 2. globally for easy of doing business in 2019
    • 17%* Corporate Tax on income derived from Singapore only, Capital Gains Tax 0%, Dividends Tax 0%, GST/VAT 7%
    • Singapore is home to Singapore International Arbitration Centre (SAIC)
    • Stable currency with deep liquidity supported by the Government of Singapore AAA Credit Rating
    • Built for 1st Class Travelers Changi Airport connects you to 200 destinations worldwide, with >500 arrivals and departures weekly. Port of Singapore is one top-5 largest port in the world by turnover.

    *In addition, Singapore’s government agencies are continuously developing attractive tax breaks and subsidies for the industries such as commodities trading, aerospace, IT and others. For example, commodities trading companies may obtain 5-10% incomes for first few years after establishment.

    We can help you setup your new and expanding business in the following countries:


    • Singapore
    • Malaysia
    • People’s Republic of China
    • Hong Kong


    • Latvia
    • Lithuania
    • Estonia

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