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Our Services

From day-to-day family matters to transferring assets, protecting assets and choosing your residential location to business succession planning – this is your family office – focused on helping you understand the past, appreciate your present and protect the future. The Global Green Path team acts as your family’s finance and planning center, coordinating experts to deliver the results you want.

Relocation & Citizenship

Have you considered the possibility of obtaining a residence permit or citizenship in another country? Perhaps you have made the decision to take the first steps by sending your children abroad to study at top business schools?

Estate & Wealth Planning

Would you like to transfer capital to the next generation and ensure its appropriate use, but do not know how to arrange it? Are you considering allocating capital into low risk asset and safe-havens?
  • Preparation of wills
  • Single Family Office
  • Consulting on legal ways to reduce taxes on your capital and inheritance
  • Search of suitable private banks

Business Expansion

Are you running a successful business and considering expanding into foreign markets? Are looking for an opportunity to pass the business on to your children but would like to limit their responsibilities while they gain experience?

Our Partners

  • AVG Consult
  • R. S. Solomon LLC
  • Yunnan Shi Xing Law Firm

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